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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Can Win: Free Content Marketing Service

Did you know that Boutique Up! offers writing services, like press releases, press kits, content marketing and blogging?

No?  Well, that's about to change. We have a great contest to open your eyes to content marketing, and how it can be a BIG benefit to your business.

Content marketing comes in many forms: blogging, writing articles, creating booklets and informational brochures. The basis of each is to provide interesting, engaging and enticing content which your customers & potential customers will find useful.

Say you create wedding jewelry.  Good content marketing topics for you would be the 10 hottest wedding dress trends for 2009, Caring for heirloom wedding jewelry or easy wedding day tips.  Of course, there are so many more topics to choose from. 

How does it work?  One topic can be stretched in many, many ways.  The same topic can be a blog post, a content article to be posted to the web, a beautifully designed insert that you send with every order, newsletter content....see where I'm going with this? One well written article or content piece can have multiple returns for you.

Here's the PRIZE from BUD.  We'll create 3 content articles specifically for your business. I'll show you how to use them to your advantage and teach you how to use content marketing as a staple of your marketing plan. 

HOW TO ENTER:  Leave a comment below with the three topics you'd like to cover for your business.  A winner will be chosen on April 20th, 2009!

Good Luck!



Niki said...

Thank you for doing this. My 3 areas are:

referral groups are important to networking

We should never stop growing our minds -- peer education for the small business person is vital to stay knowledgable in your business and society

As Napoleon Hill said, when you put two (or more) minds together, you get a better result.

Michelle said...

Mmm. This would be fun to win!

Mine is:

What difference does Fair Trade clothing make

How can we care for the earth with our clothing choices

Interesting things we can learn from other cultures and languages

thebabypanda said...

Great contest!

Here are some:

Important things to have in your diaper bag

Making Diaper changing easy

Little Journeys World said...

Thank you for doing this contest:

My three things are:

Fun things that come from other cultures and languages

Traveling fun with your baby or toddler

Cowboy and Cowgirl fun in Colorado

Alyssa said...

Great contest, thanks for the opportunity to win! My areas would be:

What is 'natural' skin and body care? (topics could be anything from deciphering the label on a lotion bottle to an explanation of parabens & why some companies avoid them, etc)

Why use products with fair trade ingredients?

Create a luxurious spa experience at home at a fraction of the cost of visiting a spa

PeoplefoodforDogs said...

I would love to win this!
My topics are:

How to care for a sick dog while working and raising a family.

Special needs of geriatric dogs and their place in a growing family.

Home-made dog food - an alternative or a must?

Marian/Be Here Soon said...

3 topics: Push Gifts- Tacky Gift Idea or Not?,Why are personalized gifts so special and Spa Trends for pregnancy. Thanks!

Andreea said...

Great contest! Here are my three topics:
- Why purchasing organic cotton clothing is important
- How social media can help you market your brand
- Secrets of successful women entrepreneurs

Karen said...

I'd love to win this!

My topics could be:

How to leave the right information for your caregiver.

How to hire a nanny.

Getting organized with baby on the way.

Yadira said...

Hi! This is a great idea.

These are my three topics:
- Unique ways to celebrating an eco-friendly wedding

- How to celebrate a fun eco baby shower.

- "Green" living after saying "I do"


Barbara Schantz said...

Wow! So many possibilities. I think I'll say:

Spoon-feeding infants with only one hand.

Toddlers learning to self-feed.

Products invented by moms.


Julia said...

Great opportunity! My three are:

The importance of fair trade business in our increasingly global world.

Raising children in a bicultural/bireligion/bilingual family.

The often overlooked significance of play and inspiring the imagination of our kids through the products we purchase for them.

Mother Earth and Baby said...

What a great contest! Here are my 3 areas:

Knowing the difference between Organic, Eco-Friendly and Natural products

What Shade of Green are you - Every effort to save Mother Earth matters

Going Green doesn't mean going drab

Anga said...

Thanks for the contest! My three topics would be:

Tips for achieving work and life balance.

The importance of doctor and patient communication.

Stress and it's affect on health.

Lisa said...

Congrats to Mother Earth and Baby for being our winner of this contest!