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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Going with What Works

I'm going to share a little secret, that really isn't if you follow me on Facebook.  This is more of a hard reality that, unfortunately, many of you are already facing. Recently my husband lost his job, 100% due to the failed economy. His profession, interior and decorative carpentry, is not in high demand as you can imagine, so the outlook for him to find another job anytime soon is slim.

In light of this, I've taken on not only a full-time job, but a very part time one, too, as well as running both BUD and Creative Writing Studios.  Busy is now very much an understatement in relation to my life. All this sudden mayhem has made me take a step back from all that I do and seek out what's working, and what's not. 

This has been a blessing. Now that time is a commodity more than it has ever been in my life, taking stock of what's working in business and what is not has been a true eye-opener.  Continuing with things that don't work, but are still a part of my business solely as 'time suckers', is just....dumb. Yet these things have been so much a part of my daily business that I either just let it slide or found reasons to keep them included.  

Having 12 email accounts is one of these things that just ain't workin'.  Offering services in which the time commitment does not equate a profitable return on my time investment is another. Finding reasons to do everything myself is yet another.

Trimming the fat, as it were, may not save me or my businesses in the long run. But don't you think that trimming the unhealthy and making room for new growth and long-term business health is worth a try?  As I evaluate my business plan, decide where to make changes while still offering valuable, cost-effective services, I think it is.

The moral of this story is: don't wait until you have to take stock in your business to do it.  Look at it now and see what you can do to keep yourself afloat in these changing times. Going with what doesn't work is a sure way to add stress to stress, and even flat line the road ahead of you.  Slow sales, increase in competition, new regulations, impossible credit is affecting everyone. How we choose to deal with it makes the difference.

For me, I'm going to keep looking ahead and do what I can to support those who use BUD and Creative Writing Studios. While both businesses may be leaner and able to do a touch less, if we stay afloat with the ability to generate growth with the re-blossoming of the economy, than I've done a better job than I'd hoped.

In the meantime, I'll do what I have to to ensure my family has what they need, just like you will, too.  Then we can all meet on the other side together and compare damages....and successes.


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