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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yep, You're a Role Model (to someone, belive it or not)

Next week I get to do something I love the most; I get to go speak to 65 third graders about being an EMT. I love the look in their eyes when I bring in all my equipment and start passing it around, while explaining that "this is the tube we put in a person's throat when they can't breathe', and 'this is the cool machine that zaps you with electricity and tells your heart to behave' and all sorts of other things to pique their young minds. But most of all, I love to invite questions from all those shiny little people. And ask, they do; 'Have you ever seen a dead person?', 'has anyone thrown up on you?' and my favorite, 'Do you really get to drive the ambulance?"

Now, fame (yes, fame. Let me live in my moment) as a local EMT, and as a person in uniform who gets to play with lights and loud sirens, has it's responsibilities. I can't be seen in town with my shirt un-tucked, and I can't drive too fast or some child will tell their mother he saw the EMT lady speeding. The benefits of having to be an upstanding member of civil service is great, however, because I get the awesome job of lighting the fire of community service and goodwill in the hearts of lots of little people (and big people, too), and to me, that is the best benefit of doing my job.

Being a helper who is there for others doesn't just stop with my day job. It is also something I enjoy very much as a business owner, too. When I first started Creative Writing Studios, I had role models who I looked up to, whose blogs I would stalk, and on whose every word I would hang. Why? Because I admired them and what they had accomplished with their businesses. And once I admitted to a few of these individuals that I was a fan of their work, they suddenly became the helpers...helpers to me.

It was people like this, the real life helpers, who shaped how I decided to do business and helped me learn valuable information about what I was trying to accomplish, and how to get there. Diana Ennen from Virtual Word Publishing was (and still is) one of those people. Successful, driven, well known in her field as an expert and a go-getter, Diana took one look at me and made it her duty to take me under her wing. Had she not been a willing role model for me in those early months, I would likely still be doing things backwards.

Chances are, there is a shiny person out there who could use help from you. Maybe they have questions about how to run their business, where to find supplies, or want to ask your advice about something. Though you may often think that questions like this only come from those who are trying to 'steal' your business and be your competitor, that's not likely the case.

Diana and I, in essence, are competitors in some areas. But I still think of her as my role model and I would still seek any advice that she is willing to give. As well, if I can help someone else to get where I have been, or make their journey smoother, I will.

Just think of those bright shiny eyes sizing up all my fun EMT stuff...the eagerness, the hope, the
fire in their belly to get to be like me for one day (or at least just drive the darn ambulance).

What set of bright shiny eyes can you help today? Chances are, more than you even know.

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Amy said...

Well put Lisa. Thank goodness for those people that help unselfishly and willing to guide us. They are our inspiration and I see you are one of those people!