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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Unique Opportunity for Children's Product Sellers, From BUD

Its not everyday that an opportunity like this comes our way. We're very excited to be able to offer this marketing opportunity to sellers and designers of children's products:

We have put together a mini-marketing blast and are taking names of people who are highly interested in participating. Our deadline for positive participation is Thursday February 6th, 2009 (by positive participation, I mean YES, you can commit, lol).

We are putting together a print & online catalog of all children's products, which will:

  • Include up to 30 participants
  • (print copies) Be included in 40+ totes being gifted to celebrities by Style Cafe Moms at the Baby & Tween Celebration LA expo on April 24-25th, 2009. 
  • The catalog will be promoted via advertising on Earnshaw's online magazine
  • Each participant will receive a copy of the print catalog
  • We will submit & promote the catalog to our list of buyers who attended major children's tradeshows in 2008 (plus our additional contacts in children's retail)
This is an excellent supplement to your marketing plan, especially if you're not planning on attending a trade show this year.  If you are not currently familiar with Baby & Tween Celebration LA, or Earnshaw's, I suggest you take some time to get to know them. Both have amazing influence in the children's product and boutique realm, and are highly respected as influence's in the market.

  • Cost is $200 per participant
  • Ad space is a 1/4 page ad which allows 2 product pictures, description and contact information
  • We will create professional ad design and description for you
  • High resolution, professional-quality photographs are a MUST
  • You must have a website to participate
  • We will handle all aspects of the catalog design, printing, mailing and promoting.
  • All materials, including payment and pictures MUST be received by our set deadline.
We're moving fast on this opportunity, as our absolute deadline for 100% catalog completion is February 25, 2009.  At this time, we are taking a count of 100% positively interested participants. If you can commit, please email me at:

So, you could win a spot in our catalog!  You must be willing to re-post this entire blog entry on your own blog, tweet about it or in some other way, promote our catalog opportunity.  Then, leave a comment about where you promoted us & enter to win a free placement ($200 value).

Fine print: We reserve the right to cancel the catalog at any time if participation does not reach our requirement. If the catalog is cancelled, there is no other form of reimbursement made available to those who have entered our contest.  Because we don't want you working hard for us for nothing, we will offer you something for your trouble in the instance that the catalog is not producted (to be discussed).  



Michelle Pratt-Lienhart said...

Hey Lisa! Great idea for a contest. Sign me up! Blogged about it:
Twittered it: just_be

Anonymous said...

We post on our twitter account today! I'll try to hit some more venues this evening as well ;0)

~Robyn and Jessica
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Boca Beth said...

What a fabulous idea and offering Lisa.

Count me in on trying to win. Blogging now. And tweeting soon!

Boca Beth said...

Hola/Hi -

Blogged here:

Tweeted here:

See you in the catalog!

Boca Beth

Lisa said...

Congrats to Boca Beth for being chosen at random as the winner (thanks to my three year old picking names from a bowl)...we're very technical in this house! lol