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Sunday, January 4, 2009

BUD Knows Press Releases

It is a new year! What do you have to talk about in 2009? New products? New business structure? Maybe a really cool award or announcement?

Hey, maybe you can tie your business into hot current event topics...whatever it is, if you have a press release worthy topic, Boutique Up can help.

We've written press releases for many small to mid business, some of which are up-and-coming businesses to watch! From helping you to find the best possible angle for your press release, to submission, BUD can help.

Many press release samples and references are available. You're going to need press release writing in 2009, so why not work with someone you trust? Have questions about press releases? Just email me and we'll chat about it.

I can also assist with:

  • Pitch/Cover letter writing
  • About Us page writing and personal or company biographies
  • Website homepage copywriting
  • Professional catalog-quality product descriptions
  • Blogging, newsletter content and more
  • Brochure content
  • Press Kits and product line sheets.

Email Lisa at for more information or to request my portfolio.

1 comment:

Boca Beth said...

Lisa does an excellent job crafting a great press release. She captures the who, what, when, where and why quickly with terrific headlines for quick pick up and ease of scanning.

Highly, highly recommended!

Happy 2009 to all!