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Sunday, January 4, 2009

BUD Has Goals. Do You?

BUD has quite a basket of lofty goals for 2009, and I'm glad to say we've are close to reaching some of them. Our mission is, and has always been, to help product sellers gather the tools, information and resources they need to connect with retailers on a wholesale/dropshipping level. And, I think we've had a pretty good start in 2008.

Because we want to just-provide more, inform more, educate more and support more, we've made a nice little list of the things we hope to accomplish, for you!

1) Open our e-learning Boutique that offers ebooks, eclasses and teleseminars on business topics to help you be a savvy, self-sufficient business owner ( and product promoter!)

2) Continually expand our wholesale directory.

3) Implement a small business resources directory, along with discounts and savings, on business essentials that you'll find useful.

4) Attend a trade show to promote BUD. We have tentative plans to attend the ABC Kids Expo in 2009!

5) Implement our state-by-state retailer directory (more to come on this soon).

6) Increase retailer awareness of BUD and how we can be a great resource for any shop looking for inventory.

7) We have a very unique, untapped marketing plan in the works that looks extremely promising for helping product sellers market their goods. If successful, this will provide product marketing longevity and positioning to a female audience like you've never imagined! (peaked your interest, didn't I?)

8) Increase our monthly interviews and articles to keep you educated and informed about many things retail, marketing and business related.

Whew! We have a lot to do in just a short 12 months. What about you?

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Rickina said...

Wow you've got me motivated to get up and get some goals too! SMD needs to spread their wings a bit*

Prosperity Wishes to you*