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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Customer Service is Good For Business!

Sometimes, you just have to tip your hat to a company that goes well out of it's way to be sure you're happy.  Especially now, when it is so imperative to hang on to every customer or client you have.

So, in this light, I'm sending a big Kuddos to the guys at Mad Mimi email marketing for taking the time, (more time than I could have ever expected), to make sure BUD's daily newsletters are pretty, functional and easy for me to create on the back-end.  More than this though, was how much they showed me I am a valuable client-(they got wind I was shopping around for newsletter hosts). Instead of just letting me wander off to another host, Mad Mimi jumped through hoops to find out what they could do to make BUD want to stay.  And, they actually listened to what our concerns were AND took immediate action.

'Nuff said!  Go Mad Mimi-BUD is your biggest fan.  

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