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Monday, December 8, 2008

BUD Giving Back

This year, I hope you all agree that the spirit of life isn't, 'Every man for himself."

BUD is all about community-especially this great community of hard-working entrepreneurs. Because you've all meant so much to us (thank-you!), we would love to know about your endeavors at giving-back this holiday season.

  • Maybe you're involved with a charity to help a needy family.

  • Maybe you're helping a fellow business-owner though hard times this holiday.

  • Maybe you're organizing a program to help women start a small business.

If you're involved in a giving-works program, BUD would love to hear your story, and see if we would could possibly contribute to your efforts.

Additionally, I'm looking for a business owner to interview about this very subject-giving back to someone else in a tough economy.  With so many stories of selfishness, greed and 'looking out for number one," I would love to know how you are reaching out to your fellow man, woman or family.

Please email me at: with Giving Works in the subject, and let me know what you're up to that will help someone else this Holiday season!

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