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Thursday, December 11, 2008

BabyBam Collection Product Review

The BabyBam Collection

Have you been wanting to try children's organics or bamboo clothing?  Well, here is your chance! We reviewed two wonderful products from BabyBam  and are so impressed, we just had to rave about them!

If you're a retailer who has been thinking about adding organics to your store, you'll definetly want to contact Jody at BabyBam to learn more about her wholesale program.

If you're a consumer who has been thinking about going 'green', BabyBam has the perfect baby essentials to get you started. 

Then, leave a comment about why you'd like to try organics for yourself to enter to win a 3-6 month baby pajama and blue hooded bath towel.

Deadline to enter: 12/28/08, winner chosen at random.


Lisa said...

Surely, someone must want to win...Don't be shy, now!

nanja said...

I'd love to try organics especially the new bamboo fabric I keep hearing about. I want to see if it really is as soft as it is advertised to be. I do like the fact that organics are typically hypo allergenic and chemical free


recycleme said...

Bamboo is a great sustainable fabric, but I don't believe it is chemical free. In order to change it into a textile or fabric, I believe it has to go through a chemical process to make that possible. Hope that helps.