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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Like BUD? Leave a comment & WIN

You all are amazing!  The amount of response to BUD has been non-stop and my inbox is over-flowing.  Hey, how about a little something for you?  Leave a comment to BUD (one post down) and possibly win a Featured Seller spot on the BUD email, going out this week.  Your logo and info will be placed on this blog for one month (we've had over 200 new visitors today!) and you'll get top billing on BUD for the premier issue.

Cool?  You bet.  Be sure to leave your email with your comment so I can reach you.  :)


Danielle said...

I love it Lisa! What a great idea to get buyers and sellers in one place. Why has no one thought of this? Genius! -

Cindy at The Clever Container Co. said...

I can't wait to say I knew you when. Great idea! You just keep coming up with them. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Chelle said...

I absolutely love this idea! Genius!!!

JUST BE said...

This is a fantastic idea! I just started an apparel company and was wondering how to hook up with buyers other than knocking on doors. I LOVE IT!

Myrinda said...

what about if you are a retailer? Can I get special advertising too then? Or are you going to do a BU for retail customers?
I'm excited to see all the goodies you're going to present us!

Robin said...

Gerat idea Lisa. I am sending your site to everyone I know. Are you going to include women's apparel buyers or just childrens items?

Cindy said...

Hi Lisa-
Fab idea! I would love to participate! I need help with my press release so I will be contacting you at Creative Writing to help show me the way.
Buttercup Headbands

Jaybird Designs said...

How cool!! So glad I found you!


Karina said...

Hey Lisa,
You have gotten me so excited about working on my website again. I will be revamping my About Me page today. Thanks so much for your help.
Karina Coffer

Carolyn Hushbeck said...

Lisa, Great idea! Count me in as a retailer and seller.


the girls of gt said...

Count us in! We are really excited. We even posted about it on our blog, freshly baked, at

Thanks again!

freshlybaked (at)

Electra said...

Hi Lisa!

Count us in! What a great idea. I am looking forward to your emails.

We are the home of the "Original Car Monogram" and create custom vinyl monogram decals for everything. From your cellphone to your car to your wall- we embellish it all!
Thanks in advance,
Electra said...

Hi Lisa - looking forward to seeing more and more!  Thanks for the opportunity to share info on great new products and companies.

Skout said...

Lisa- u clever girl! .. I love what u r doing and wld love to be included in your review blogger list!