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Friday, August 29, 2008

Give 'em the dish with a great About Us page

People, by nature, are nosey. We thrive on gossip, digging up dirt on folks, scrounging around other people's personal lives and just plain knowing as much as we can about someone else. Hence, the popularity of celebrity gossip blogs and your local hair salon. However, as much fun as it might be to learn the scoop about someone else, it doesn't mean you have to air your own dirty laundry when creating an effective About Me or About Us page. But, you can make your About Me page interesting enough that your reader's nosey side feels smugly satisfied when finished reading it.

Typically, a website's About Us page is frequently visited. Giving enough information to make your customer comfortable enough to make a purchase is essential. People want to feel safe, secure, and garner a sense of fellowship which enables them to trust you. After all, customers don't usually give a sale to someone they don't trust (think sleazy car salesman).

The basic point of creating an About Us page is to let potential customers or clients learn more about you. As we all know, the internet is great for shopping, but is severely lacking when it comes to learning who you are doing business with. As an online business owner, you can't physically greet every customer who comes through your store, so you must reach out to them through the personable words on your About Us page.

Remember 6 key points that visitors are likely to want to know:

*Your name: Giving your first name is allowing people to get to know you on a personal level.

*Your location: Everyone wants to know where you are located. If your location is exotic or has something exciting to offer, don't be afraid to talk about it! (Maybe you live on the beach where a movie was filmed, or the local restaurant has the BEST burgers in the country...).

*Your Family: Have a spouse? Kids? Pets? Yeah, people want to know about that, too.

*How and why you started your business: Customers are always interested in how your business came to be. Maybe you were inspired to start a store after having a baby, or Grandpa Joe left you a small inheritance so you took the plunge into entrepreneurism. Whatever made you start your business-whatever your story is-let us know about it.

*Your professional background: Do you bring a professional background to your business? Maybe this is a complete career change for you. Either way, give us the goods on where you've been and how you got here.

*Add a picture: Believe it or not, your mug can make you 'real' to your customers. So put on your best smile and say cheese!

The best part is that you can include as much or as little information as you are comfortable . No matter what info you choose to include, be sure to write it in a way that makes people happy to have read it. Remember, it's all about trust and getting to know a little more about you. If you have trouble getting your About Us page to sound just right, consider hiring a professional writer to assist. Yes, your About Us page is that important!


Robin said...

I agree. When I am about to spend my money or do business with someone I ALWAYS look for the About Us or About Me page. I want to know about the person behind the goods. Sometimes I even decide not to continue viewing the site if the person has no info about them or the company.

kathleen said...

Boy, many people's "about pages" are a pet peeve of mine. I am beyond annoyed when designers (especially small or start ups) have remote corporate type pages. To them I say, you're not fooling anyone. Give people the chance to connect with you and feel an affinity. They'll be more likely to give you their money if they can relate to you, your product and your process.