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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Are You Pitching Yet?

There is still time for all of you product sellers to pitch your products to magazines, retailers and others in time for the holiday season. While most major publications are closed to product submissions for holiday shopping guides, reviews and articles, don't pass up other opportunities that can help gain you some great exposure!

My online friend, former Oprah guest and all around great Mompreneur (tm) Pat Cobe from Mompreneurs Online says there is still time for:

*Weekly Magazines like Woman's World, Life & Style and Us

*Online venues, like: magazines, lifestyle blogs and newsletters. Many print magazines will publish holiday buzz right down to the wire for the Holidays.

*And, Diana Ennen, PR guru from Virtual Word Publishing suggests local and national newspapers and daily presses for some added holiday exposure.

Want to pitch your product to one of these venues but aren't sure how to go about it? It all starts with a perfectly written pitch letter to get your product noticed. You can create one yourself, simply and easily with help from Creative Writing Studios Small Business Shortcuts guide to writing the perfect pitch letter.

Simple, easy steps show you how to write a pitch letter editors and others will notice, along with examples and a template to follow.

Want to win one?
Leave a comment on what is hardest for YOU when pitching your product! Contest ends August 30, 2008 at midnight CST.


Sonia Schimke said...

The hardest thing for me about pitching my product is getting started. I don't know where to begin and how should I pitch my products.


Sonia Schimke

lisa y. said...

For me, it's wording the pitch letter so that it makes the reader excited to learn more. I mean, how do you get someone excited about wood?

Lara said...

for me, it is that my product takes a bit of explanation for people to "get it." so i struggle with the right amount of detail to include in the pitch.

Lindsay said...

The hardest part for me when pitching my product in person is that I look young & feel that I dont get taken seriously because of that.

When pitching online it's hard because I want a professional pitch but just dont have the extra cash to pay for one!

Heather A. Howell said...

The hardest thing for me about pitching my product is tooting my own horn. I created and formulated each and every product. I feel weird when I say how great it is even though it is and more.