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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Write A Press Release that People Can Use

What you may not know about press releases could be stealing perfect media opportunities from you. Most small business owners know what a press release is, but they may not know all the ways in which they can be used. Especially, when it comes to writing about something useful for the media, like a press release that offers tips and advice about something newsworthy.

A ‘tips’ press release is one which offers advice on a topic that media, either local or national, will find appealing and useful. For instance, if you own a bridal shop, you can write a press release on the top ten wedding dress designs for 2008. A baby store could give tips on the 5 hottest clothing trends for baby boys for fall. You can create a ‘tips’ press release on any topic in which you are knowledgeable. By doing a bit of online research and paying close attention to you own industry-as well as current events-you should be able to come up with a topic that is relevant and interesting.

Recently, I came across a press release that offered tips on approaching your boss about telecommuting, which the writer tied into current events by mentioning how skyrocketing gas prices are affecting people who commute to work. Not only did the press release offer tips readers could use, she made it newsworthy by tying it into a topic that is plastered all over the media.

Once you’ve created your ‘tips’ press release, send it to your local newspapers, television and radio media. Many times, smaller media venues have space to fill and your press release could fit the bill. If going national, be sure your press release fits in with the editorial calendar of the media you are contacting: namely magazines or large newspapers. If writing about summer dresses, for instance, make sure the media you are sending to is still covering summer topics. Next, send your press release to the online wire, via either PR Web, or free press release submission sites. And don’t forget to place a copy of your press release on your own site, and include it in your next newsletter for an extra marketing boost!

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