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Friday, December 7, 2007

What is BUD?

Boutique Up! Daily (BUD) is a revolutionary new way for product sellers and retailers to connect, for free!  Simply, we find retailers who are either actively looking for new products to carry on inventory, or who accept new product submissions to keep on file. 

Then, we post about it in our daily newsletter-for all markets-to help the product seller and retailer match up in an easier way.

Usually, retailers must attend markets several times a year to find hot new merchandise for their stores.  And, product sellers typically spend countless hours on the phone cold-calling retailers to pitch their products.  We thought there had to be an easier way!

While BUD does not work with 'big box' retailers, our focus in on the online retailer or specialty store that may not be able to, or want to, go to market all the time.

We cover many genres:

  • Baby Markets
  • Pet Stores
  • Women's boutiques
  • General merchandise retailers
  • Gift shops
  • Other outlets
Retailer, you may post a query looking for new products and have sellers pitch you if they have what you are after.

Sellers, you may post about your great product for retailers to read about, and have them contact you if interested in learning more.

With our subscribers in the hundreds, BUD has successfully helped many seller and retailers find what they were after!

So, how do you get listed?

1) If you're a product seller, email:

2) If you're a retailer, blogger or media looking for new products, email:

Vist here for our format.

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